C4 Wedding Car Hire FAQs

Please see below a few of the general questions which we would normally be asked when new Clients/Brides enquire with ourselves.

How long in advance do people normally book their wedding cars?

The timescale on this would normally be 1 year in advance of your wedding date. However it can vary from 2 weeks until 2 years also. Some people can have the idea that they would use a friends car however when it gets closer to the wedding they begin to think that it would be nice to have a special car to escort them on their special day.

How many people can be accommodated in your wedding cars?

We can offer to transport up to 20 of a Bridal Party subject to availability. Under the section Our Cars you will be able to view what is available and also how many passengers each car can hold.

Who goes in what cars?

We take time to discuss this with yourselves as you have a good understanding of who you would like to transport. However we normally would like a car solely for the Bride and whoever is giving the Bride away (before the service) which then accommodates the Bride and Groom after the service. Then the second car would usually accomodate the Bridesmaids, Best Man and Groomsmen.

Does the men normally be collected?

Sometimes we are asked to collect the men and this is never a problem as long as it allows the car plenty of time to then go to the Brides house to collect the Bridesmaids. If men are not ready in time this can then alter the timings for the complete day!

Does the Ushers need to go in the cars?

This is completely the decision of the Bride and Grooms. We do not mind having the Ushers being transported if the Bride and Groom require this.

How do we confirm a booking?

To ensure you get the cars you want for your date we require a deposit of £40 per car and a completed booking form. Once we receive this and send yourself a receipt that is everything booked then.

Do you supply the ribbons on the cars?

Yes we do if the Bride and Groom is happy with this.

Which colour of ribbon goes on which car?

The normal for this would be Ivory/White on the Bride and Grooms car and then the Bridesmaids colour on the Bridal Party's car. However some people go with Ivory/white on both especially if the men are to be lifted before the service.

Can we pay of the cars gradually from we book until the wedding?

Yes you can.

We initially will give yourselves a receipt when the deposit is paid. Should you wish to pay an interim payment then this is noted on the original receipt and remaining balance altered to suit.

Are there umbrellas provided within the cars?

Yes there will always be plenty of umbrellas supplied with each car

Can one of my Bridesmaids help me into the car before we all leave?

This is not a problem. However the chauffeur will always be there to help you when required.

Does the Bridesmaids go first to the ceremony?

This is normally the case and it allows your photographer to get a few pictures before the Bride arrives.

Can we view the cars prior to booking?

This is not a problem and we try to accomodate each Bride and Groom as much as possible.

The cars are stored at our home which means we can arrange a viewing for evenings or weekends if it suited yourselves better.

Do you have a time limit for our photo shoot?

Some companies may start to charge extra if you are longer than say 10 minutes. This is not the case with ourselves. Whatever time the photo shoot takes is ok with us!

Do you supply the personalised number plate?

Yes we do. However we do not drive on the road with this however when we are stopped and the photographer is planning to take a picture with the cars the number plate will be added to the car at this stage.

Do we get to keep the personalised number plate?

Yes you do. All the number plates are always left at the reception desk within the venue location.

I am planning my wedding from Australia etc however it will take place in Cookstown etc, can I book the cars from here?

Yes you can. If you have an email address we can email a booking form which you can complete and email back to ourselves and then the deposit can be transferred via a bank transfer and we can then email a copy of the receipt.

Once I book with yourselves do I need to do anything more?

Once the booking is confirmed we normally only require the ribbon colour from yourself. Then approx 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding a 10/15 minutes telephone conversation can confirm timings etc.